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Graduate Students

The Shingleton lab welcomes highly motivated students who are keen to conduct research on any aspect of integrative developmental biology. Our interests span almost all levels of biological organization, and our research utlizes a wide diversity of experimental techniques, from transcriptomics, through confocal microscopy to behavioral assays. Interested students are welcome to visit the lab or contact us via email. Prospective students formally apply through the Department of Biological Sciences at UIC, through either the Ecology and Evolution track or the Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology track. You can find out more information here. Regardless of track, prospective students should contact us before applying, either at ashingle(at), or using the form below.

Undergraduate Students

The Shingleton lab is an excellent place to gain research experience in preperation for a PhD graduate program, and we have a history of publishing papers with undergrads as co-authors. Students conduct supervised but largely independent research on a variety of topics, and are integral members of the lab. If you are interested, contact us directly, at ashingle(at), or using the form below.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Although we do not have current funding for a postdoc, there is always the possibility of developing grants or fellowships to support your research. Postdocs are encouraged to develop their own line of research, as long as it fits within the general research interests of the lab. Please contact ashingle(at) if you are interested in joining the lab , or using the form below.

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